What is this musicovation thing?

These days, much of the press about the music world tends to be negative. Every month seems to bring news of another organization folding. Critics claim that entire genres are either dying or already dead. And the professional music scene is more competitive than ever before.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 9.32.10 PM.png

Despite this onslaught of negative energy, there is in fact so much hope for aspiring musicians. There is hope for those who are dedicated to their craft enough to stick with it. There is hope for musicians heavily affected by budget cuts, limited job opportunities, and stereotypes.

This is the age of innovation. Voices and sounds wait to be heard, and new audiences wait to hear them. Connections wait to be made. There is hopeful energy brewing.

Recently, the organizations, ensembles, and individuals that are driving this growing trend have received some much-deserved media attention.  But there has yet to be a singular online resource dedicated exclusively to their promotion.

So, welcome to Musicovation. We are Elizabeth Erenberg and Zachary Preucil (Liz and Zach). As classically-trained musicians, we founded this site because we want it for ourselves, and for you. It is our hope that this endeavor will help all genres of music thrive as viable art forms and career paths.

Do you have something you want to see featured on this site? Contact us. We always want to hear from those who share Musicovation’s mission and values. Be a part of the positive news about music, for a change.

–Elizabeth Erenberg and Zach Preucill Co-Founders


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