August Noise JP 2014 – Bringing the Joy of Unexpected Music to the JP Community

Happy August! This late summer weather is feeling great as we get ready for the fourth and finalseason of August Noise JP (ANJP): a free, outdoor concert series hosted in Jamaica Plain, MA.There will be six concerts total, the first of which is this Thursday (August 7th) at the Loring-Greenough House at 6pm. The performance falls on JP’s “First Thursday Art Walk”, meaning there will be lots of fun activities AND food trucks!

Founded in 2011, ANJP is all about bringing the joy of unexpected music into everyday life.We’re excited for this season, as it’s both an affirmation and conclusion of the time and energy we’ve invested over the years. The two of us have been organizing this concert series for the past 3 seasons (Beth on her own for the pilot season in 2011), and it’s been a total blast. Asresidents of JP and trained musicians, we see August Noise as a way to give back to our community with what we know and love best. Music is an excellent social impetus, and thus the aim of ANJP is to build cultural community through music. We challenge traditional venues by hosting concerts in a busy streetscape, on a sunny lawn, in a niche near a beloved JP hangout – all public spaces that invite anyone from pedestrians to commuters to experience the music. At the same time, we want to demonstrate the importance of local artists and their continued dedication to music. Through crowd-funding and donation appeals, we are able to compensate all of the performers for their participation in this series.

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We’ve seen a great deal of growth in our little neighborhood at the end of the Orange Line, and believe that ANJP has been a small but meaningful contribution. Boston’s arts scene (in general) is booming, with a greater emphasis on cultural investments and arts awareness. However, there are still some limitations that maintain barriers to access, such as the ticket costs and educative prerequisites that are often attached to cultural productions. The ability to share art with all audiences, regardless of musical knowledge or socioeconomic status, means redefining venues, profit margins, artist-to-audience interactions, and more. August Noise JP aims to provide cultural opportunities that are all-encompassing, a provision we believe should be a priority for any community.

You can check out our website to see the full season: We’ve got a great lineup for the series, and hope you’ll join us for one (if not all!) of the concerts. You can stay tuned by “liking” our Facebook page ( or following us on Twitter (@AugustNoiseJP).

All the best,

Beth and Anne

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Beth McDonald – Founder & Artistic Director: Beth is a resident of Jamaica Plain and alumna of New England Conservatory. She plays tuba in a wide range of musical groups, such as the Callithumpian ConsortKorean JeansSound Icon, and Lindenbomber Fleet. She enjoys running, yoga, and eating the food that Anne cooks.

Anne Gregory – Director of Communications: Anne is a resident of Jamaica Plain, an avid chef, and cyclist. She is an alumna of New England Conservatory and is employed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

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