A Musician in London: New Experiences

By Dani Lauren

I am very excited to announce that I will begin recording an acoustic EP right here in London at Resident Studios starting March 14! For the first time ever I will be recording on a huge grand piano in a real life professional studio and I can’t wait. The recordings will all be done over the course of a couple eight to ten hour days and will (hopefully) be finished before I leave. To get ready for this amazing adventure I’ve been practicing and writing some new material, so be sure to check back here in a few weeks for more details!

I guess I’ve been on a streak of doing things I normally wouldn’t, but last weekend I attended a four-hour French bread making class. In my first post I talked about the best doughnut I’ve ever had at Borough Market. The same bakery, Bread Ahead, holds various classes (unfortunately their doughnut making class is only a master class), and I decided to take this one! We ended up making a Baguette, a Fougasse, and a Pain de Campagne. I love baking, but I’ve never made bread up until that night and I’d definitely recommend doing it at least once. It’s such a long process and when you finally take that bread out of the oven it’s so satisfying. Tearing a piece of and eating it right out of the oven isn’t too bad either.

I also got a chance to meet some more of the people at Kobalt, other than the synchronization team. Although I’m not allowed to talk about anyone in particular, everyone I met was so nice and welcoming. I also learned quite a bit about the industry just by talking to them. The only reason I’m recording at Resident Studios is because a fellow coworker recommended it to me.

I am beyond excited for these next couple weeks. Besides recording I will also be traveling to Spain for the first time in my life to visit my best friend from high school. After that, my best friend from college is visiting me and we will be traveling to Bath for a short weekend trip. Then I will be going to Amsterdam, again for the first time, and my dad will be taking me to my first soccer – or should I say football – game in Manchester the week after. It’s going to be a crazy couple of weeks, but weeks filled with wonderful new experiences.


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