Musicovation to Feature the Negative News About Music, For a Change

Hey everyone. It’s us, your positivity-championing co-founders. Well, formerly positivity-championing, we should say. As you might have noticed, Musicovation is changing its focus. No longer will you see inspiring, motivational articles about musical innovation, success, and entrepreneurship. Instead, we’re going to bring you the most despondent, pessimistic happenings in the music industry.

You may be wondering why we have adopted such an abrupt change in mission.

Well, let’s face it. There just aren’t a lot of good things going on. Here on Musicovation, we are dedicated to spreading that news far and wide.

Learn all about the impending Armageddon in blogs such as “Dispatches from a Dying Orchestra,” “43 Lost Auditions,” “Why Music Education Doesn’t Belong in Schools,” and “How Marvin Gaye Broke Creativity Forever.”

Get pro tips on how to survive in the harsh new music world with such advice columns as “Ten Tips for Becoming a Successful Insurance Salesman,” and “Living in a Box: It’s Not as Bad as You Might Think!”

Learn how you can still put your instrument to good use in our newest video feature,  “Alternative Uses for the Viola.”

Get a history lesson from articles such as “Ancient Musical Practices: The Days Before Drum Machines” or “Back When Musicians Were Actual Humans.”
Know of more gut-wrenching and depressing stories about our dying field? Contact us! We’re always looking for more features, and rest assured, we’re done with all that “positive news.” There’s no fooling us anymore.

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