Paid Performances Get Easier Online with Hire Notes

By Shaheen Lavie-Rouse

One day, musicians will never go unpaid for their work. Today, this is already the reality for musicians who use Hire Notes. Hire Notes beta is a web app that helps musicians find and manage paid performances online. Our goal is to take the pain and hassle out of finding and managing paid performances so you can focus on the fun stuff: making music and growing your business.

The Hire Notes booking process guarantees that musicians will automatically get paid on time, for any performance. When you have an upcoming performance, all you have to do is enter the performance details. We automatically handle the contract, payments, and tax forms for the performance. You can keep track of your performance details, and share them with the customer and other musicians. Hire Notes members never have to worry about getting paid or handling payments: we’ll cover your fee even if the client doesn’t.

Our first beta release is focused on managing paid performances. But, finding paid performance opportunities is also easier on Hire Notes. We offer customers a transparent and easy process to hire musicians through the Hire Notes Concierge. Each Hire Notes musician has their own booking form, which they can embed in their website. We need users like you to utilize these features and give us feedback so we can develop them into a fully-fledged marketplace.

Today’s apps let users hire professionals, from doctors to drivers to lawyers, at the push of a button as part of the rising “gig economy”. For musicians, finding and managing gigs isn’t that easy yet. Hire Notes is here to change that, while also advancing musicians’ labor and wage security. When I was graduating college, I felt that a career in music would be difficult and financially uncertain. I started Hire Notes because I believe that with the right technology, this doesn’t need to be the case.

See for yourself and try Hire Notes out on your next paid performance! With your feedback, we will make Hire Notes more useful for you. As a musician, simply sign up to get started. For those of you looking to hire a musician (or if you know someone who is), try Hire Notes Concierge. You will get personal help finding an excellent musician. Learn more at


Shaheen Lavie-Rouse is the founder and CEO of Hire Notes. He’s a Senior Analyst at Analysis Group, Inc, mainly working on business strategy studies for pharmaceutical clients. He has completed bachelor’s degrees in quantitative economics at Tufts University, and cello performance at the New England Conservatory of Music.

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