6 Scientifically Proven Ways Music Benefits Seniors (And How You Can Play at Any Age)

Music is a practical and powerful panacea for people of all ages, but especially young children and seniors—and for many of the same reasons. Music has a profound effect on seniors’ mental and physical health and overall happiness, proving you’re never too old to make music.

Great Works by Musicians During COVID-19

COVID-19 has shaken up the music industry in unprecedented ways. Across all mediums, locations, and genres, musicians have taken to the interwebs to lift audiences across the world. Here are some notable performances, recordings, and writing put out by musicians in recent weeks. These only start to scratch the surface.   Live-streamed Performances Cellist Yo-Yo … Continue reading Great Works by Musicians During COVID-19

“Always wanted to be in Show Biz”: Choirs for Seniors

by Amy Nathan “When my mother died, the music stopped in my house,” said Isabel Heredia. Her mother wasn’t a professional singer. “But she had a fantastic voice. She sang at parties.” Isabel enjoyed singing with her mother at their house in San Francisco but didn’t do any formal singing herself as an adult, although … Continue reading “Always wanted to be in Show Biz”: Choirs for Seniors