Summer is Coming–Go Study Music!

For you, summer might bring to mind different images, like clocking in at some nondescript job to earn extra cash, or perhaps cranking out a couple of classes for a degree program. Regardless, for most music students and professionals, summer is the season for something a little different.

Finding Common Ground

By Courtney Miller Do you ever have ideas that might seem a little crazy? People often use nicer words to describe crazy: creative, innovative, thought-provoking, unique, groundbreaking, but let’s be real, sometimes these are just euphemisms for crazy.  Before I delve too off topic and go all Gnarls Barkley, I should introduce myself.  My name … Continue reading Finding Common Ground

Music for Food Winter Preview

By Robert Cinnante Music for Food said goodbye to 2014 with a strong finish, having presented 28 events nationwide to benefit 20 hunger relief organizations, helping to provide more than 50,000 meals to those in need. 2015 kicks off with four events planned over the next month in the Greater Boston area. Here’s a preview of … Continue reading Music for Food Winter Preview