Musicovation Celebrates Two Years Online!

Hey everyone! This is musicovation co-founder Zach Preucil writing to commemorate the two-year anniversary of our site going live! Liz Erenberg is currently touring China with the Denver Philharmonic, but I'm feeling her positive vibes as we celebrate another year of promoting so many incredible people in our industry. Here are some of the many memorable highlights...

A Sneak Peek into the Musicians Social Network

Networking: as musicians, it is a word we are bound to hear many times before we even graduate from music school. Some of us love it; some of us hate it. Many musicians have written about ways to reframe the experience of networking so that it can be a more enjoyable. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram have become household names because of their ability to help people grow their personal and professional networks, but as musicians, we have been overlooked…until now.

MusicaMatch: The Social Network for Musicians

By Brett Walfish Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Each one has revolutionized the way in which we connect with the world around us.  Facebook keeps us connected with our friends old and new. Twitter lets us stay informed to the latest news. LinkedIn is a platform that helps people in many fields find their dream jobs. However, none … Continue reading MusicaMatch: The Social Network for Musicians