Send Blogger Scott Chamberlain to Cuba!

By Scott Chamberlain Hello friends—I have some good news to share! But first, a word of introduction.  I’m Scott Chamberlain, and for the last two years I’ve been writing about classical music, arts administration, and the music industry in general at my blog, “Mask of the Flower Prince.”  The blog’s genesis was rooted in the … Continue reading Send Blogger Scott Chamberlain to Cuba!

On Amateurs

By Emily Hogstad Thursday night rehearsal. I'm in a small room with twenty other string players, members of my local amateur string orchestra. I'm rehearsing a solo of the Piazzolla Oblivion. I shake my wrist out. I've got jitters for no reason at all. *** Adult amateur musicians are almost universally embarrassed to play in front of … Continue reading On Amateurs