Summer is Coming–Go Study Music!

For you, summer might bring to mind different images, like clocking in at some nondescript job to earn extra cash, or perhaps cranking out a couple of classes for a degree program. Regardless, for most music students and professionals, summer is the season for something a little different.

Ear Taxi Festival

The State of the Union…of New Music in Chicago…is Strong! Did you know there are dozens of composers, hundreds of performers and over 30 ensembles specializing in new music in the Windy City? This fall you can take a musical joyride through Chicago’s contemporary music scene during the Ear Taxi Festival October 5-10, 2016.

My Strange Path from Disgruntled Freelancer to Double Bass Guru

It happened by accident, really, though I think that’s how these things so frequently happen. I was looking for a way to deliver important information to my ever-growing bass studio as seamlessly as possible.