Book Announcement: It’s Not (JUST) About the Gig

My name is Dana Fonteneau and I am the founder and creator of The WholeHearted Musician. I had the great pleasure of introducing myself to Musicovation in October, 2015 (you can read that here.) In case you’re getting to know me the for the first time, it’s important to express that the WholeHearted Musician was created out of a deep need to articulate thoughts, feelings, ideas and concerns I had (and heard from clients) about the music world and the challenge of creating a career. It’s a private practice and business devoted entirely to the personal development and career evolvement of performing artists, particularly from the view point that success is an expression of the whole person (not just the performer), and it is self-defined, self-created and self-fulfilling.

The Wholehearted Musician

By Dana Fonteneau My name is Dana Fonteneau and I am the creator and founder of The WholeHearted Musician™. To fully explain what the WholeHearted Musician™ is and how it’s come to be, I have to first explain a bit about myself. I was born into a musical family. My sister is a violinist (now … Continue reading The Wholehearted Musician