Students Build Film Music Empire

After witnessing EFME’s Executive Director Michael Staffeldt and his two-man team perform the Herculean task of organizing, administering, and conducting a breadth of musicians and technicians, I was astounded by both the caliber of musicianship, and the remarkably high production value of the event. Immediately following that dress rehearsal I pulled Michael aside, congratulated him, and expressed my desire to participate in EFME’s future.

The Healthy Musician Project

By Drew Worden A study* from 1987 sampled 2,212 musicians and found that 76% reported medical conditions and performance related injuries affecting their performance. Specific to university students, a similar study conducted at the University of Rochester revealed period prevalence to be at 8.3 per 100 instrumentalists. As demands for musical execution at elite levels … Continue reading The Healthy Musician Project

The Social Promise of Music

By Sarah Kramer As an undergraduate, I majored in music and international relations. When people learn this, they often say these fields of study are so different and disconnected from each other. I hear questions like: Which one do you like better? How do you plan to combine them after you graduate? And now, as I’m approaching … Continue reading The Social Promise of Music