Announcing “Thankful for Music”: Musicovation’s November Social Media Campaign

UPDATE: The campaign is now extended through Thanksgiving Day! If you haven’t participated yet, now’s your chance!

Hi, everyone! It’s us, your friendly, positivity-championing co-founders. Today, we’re writing to announce a special social media campaign! It will begin today and run through Thanksgiving week.
The scoop: Chances are, if you’re a regular visitor to the site, music plays an important role in your life – whether you are a professional musician, amateur, or loyal patron. Yet, it isn’t often that we have an opportunity to express our collective appreciation of it. That’s why we’re asking our followers a simple but important question:Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.13.49 PM.png

How to be part of it: Post your response as either a Facebook status and/or as a tweet, beginning with the hashtag #Musicovation. Then, nominate three friends to participate by tagging them at the end of your post. 

The reward: On the day before Thanksgiving (November 26th), we will compile some of our favorite responses in a special blog post. We hope this project will inspire you to reflect on the many ways music touches your life, and connect with others in the process.

We’ll start:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.14.26 PM

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