Scor! Season Reflections

All over the country, there are wonderful people following a dream. They’ve always wanted to play. They’ve always wanted to come back to playing. They’ve always wanted to improve their playing. Now, they are doing just that.

10 Highlights of an Orchestra Tour Through China

"Ni hao, Zheng Zhao," Music Director Lawrence Golan said into the microphone at the beginning of Concert #1. The audience erupted into applause so uproarious that it felt like a sporting event, not a classical music concert.

Into the Wild

In October 2014 Dan Ketter and I took a hike through western New York’s Letchworth State Park, where we daydreamed about how great it would be to make music in such a grand and beautiful place. Days later I was still thinking about this idea, and I started imagining outdoor music-making on a national scale, wondering if it would be possible to arrange concerts at scenic parks around the country. With a little bit of research I learned that the National Park Service (NPS) would celebrate its centennial year in 2016, and with this fortuitous coincidence in mind I knew I was on to something.