Green Room Gossip: mastering off-beat interviews

During artist interviews, sometimes you want to hear what inspires them, how they got their start, and their advice for the younger generation. Other times, you want to hear what their favorite cheese flavor is.

The Green Room Gossip podcast features musical, theatre, and comedic artist interviews in an unordinary way.

Seem unusual? That’s what its listeners love about it.

The new podcast’s untraditional approach to artist interviews engages audiences that themselves identify as “off-beat.”

Produced at the Appell Center for the Performing Arts in York, Pennsylvania, Greenroom Gossip is a behind-the-scenes look into the quirky side of its visiting acts. Unlike many side projects of nonprofit arts organizations, its goal is not to sell tickets or solicit donations, but rather, to shine a different kind of light on its visiting talent when they’re off stage.

Listeners are encouraged to kick back and giggle as they learn about comedian Preacher Lawson‘s knowledge of hot sauce or Colin Mochrie‘s take on Canadian stereotypes.

The historic venue features two theatres – one large and one more intimate – where they bring in national touring acts as well as grassroots comedians, musicians, and more. It is the ideal snapshot of history that, like the tight-knit community of York, is trying to connect its colorful past with a future that encourages creativity and innovation.

The hosts are Wyatt Oerman and Stephanie Benamor. Wyatt is a former college DJ and music industry major turned Box Office Manager. With a passion for music of all walks, he is a true aficionado. His loves include collecting vinyl and hot sauce, death metal, his cats Chester and Jasper, and The Office.

Having worked as a designer and photographer for the past 10 years, Stephanie Benamor is the Appell Center’s Marketing Content Manager. She previously ran a horror-comedy podcast and loves all things spooky. Her hobbies include animal rescue activism, classic cars, the perfect nude-lip, her dog Farley, and zip-lining.

Listen here or on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

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