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Music in the Market with Kable House Presents

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A music series in the majestic market house of York, Pennsylvania attracts artists and bands right on the cusp.

To learn more about Kable House Presents and/or donate to their crowdfunding campaign, click here.

Video filmed and edited by Hayman Studio.

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C Natural: Opening Up About Musicians’ Health

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In 2013, Claire Motyer was a driven and passionate conservatory violinist. It was when she started having pain in her wrist that her life plan began to take a drastic turn. Her diagnosis of tendonitis due to excess tension and over-practicing would prove to be more than a temporary injury. It was chronic, and therefore, when it came to violin, essentially debilitating.


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Daring to Dream: Egyptian-born pianist’s success in small town USA

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In 2005, 18-year-old Peter Bottros found himself sitting at a grand piano for the first time. The instrument lived in the corner of a common room at Pennsylvania State University in York, Pennsylvania, where Peter was a freshman. Peter came back to this piano often, and figured out melodies of songs he knew. He then discovered patterns and chords, which led to improvising. (more…)