Summer is Coming–Go Study Music!

For you, summer might bring to mind different images, like clocking in at some nondescript job to earn extra cash, or perhaps cranking out a couple of classes for a degree program. Regardless, for most music students and professionals, summer is the season for something a little different.

Midsummer’s Music Festival: On the Road to the Golden Jubilee

Having been with Midsummer’s Music Festival as a violist for over ten years, last year I became the organization’s Assistant Artistic Director and a member of its Board of Directors. My expanded duties enable me to explore intriguing and inspiring dimensions of our wonderful music festival.

Do You Think One Person Can Change the World?

By Peter Slowick In 1999, as I turned 40 years old, I was thinking a lot about making the second half of my life meaningful.  I had observed that the greatest musicians I had worked with (YoYo Ma, for example) or the greatest historical musicians (Fritz Kreisler, Pablo Casals) were all great human beings – full of love … Continue reading Do You Think One Person Can Change the World?