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Daring to Dream: Egyptian-born pianist’s success in small town USA

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by Elizabeth Erenberg

In 2005, 18-year-old Peter Bottros found himself sitting at a grand piano for the first time. The instrument lived in the corner of a common room at Pennsylvania State University in York, Pennsylvania, where Peter was a freshman. Peter came back to this piano often, and figured out melodies of songs he knew. He then discovered patterns and chords, which led to improvising. (more…)

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Musicians Need IRA’s – Learn the Basics

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by Kyle Buffo

I talked with a financial manager of a mid-sized family owned business that was going through an estate transition. During the process, she came across some IRA’s owned by the family. Shocked by the low returns of the IRA over the many years owned, she mentioned this to the IRA owner. Since the IRA owner was one of the lead decision makers for a family estate worth well into 8 figures, the financial manger thought there must have been some logic for holding these funds in these particular low-earning investments.