3 Business Skills Every Music Educator Should Know

by Elisa Janson It’s no secret that many of us are entering our first music teaching jobs only to find that we haven’t been fully trained for the many aspects of our job. We have spent years in the mastery of our music and pedagogy, only to realize that many of our required tasks have … Continue reading 3 Business Skills Every Music Educator Should Know

Traditional American Music in a Traditional Conservatory Setting

“I really want to play like that, but I’m just scared and I don’t know where to start…” These are the words an Eastman student said to me about playing bluegrass recently. Over my past three years at the Eastman School of Music, I have heard a variation of that phrase from classical performance majors countless times. “How do you do that?” “I wish I started playing like that earlier.” “I wish I didn’t have to depend on a score all of the time.”

Summer is Coming–Go Study Music!

For you, summer might bring to mind different images, like clocking in at some nondescript job to earn extra cash, or perhaps cranking out a couple of classes for a degree program. Regardless, for most music students and professionals, summer is the season for something a little different.