String Camps…On the Road!

Just last week my husband, Kyle, and I packed up our Rochester, NY life – our house, office, and camp supplies (and our cat, too) – and took off in our motorhome. We are starting out on Scor! Tour 2016, heading to 12 Scor! Camps around the country. We drove to our first event of the season – Carolina Scor! Camp in Raleigh, NC. It was a fantastic camp, filled with music, learning, and fun. It was rewarding to see the participants’ smiles and hear the music after our 6 months of planning and preparation.

Confident Chords: Taking Creative Music Learning Global

One of the primary benefits of online lessons is ease of scheduling, eliminating such annoyances as rush hour traffic or waiting around at the studio. In fact, many of my students’ parents will be cooking dinner in the other room while we are having our lesson and then have dinner after the lesson. Additionally, students can have more after work/school activities (or even have lessons at lunchtime) because they are losing less time traveling to each activity and can take their lessons from home.

When Practicing Goes Off the Rails

By Jason Heath Everyone has a bad week of practicing now and then. I'm certainly no exception! This happened once every few weeks for me in college. Maybe I had a big project. Maybe I was doing a lot of traveling. Whatever the circumstances, life got in the way, and suddenly I found myself realizing … Continue reading When Practicing Goes Off the Rails