Striving to Be Better

By Andrea Landin It is absolutely invigorating to be in the room with 60 children completely immersed in performing a piece of music together – counting under their breath, listening and watching as if their life depended on it, eyes shining with pride when they hit their highest note without a squeak.  Our New West … Continue reading Striving to Be Better

Always Arriving

By Katie Wyatt I try to ask myself everyday, "Where is our business going? What are the questions we're trying to answer for our kids?" From there, I follow the path where the answers lead, in hot pursuit and relentlessly.  If there is anything I could say about the success of Kidznotes, it would be … Continue reading Always Arriving

Buffalo String Works

Don’t believe everything you’ve read about Buffalo! Yes, the city does have occasional epic snowstorms, and for decades has faced the usual rust-belt challenges. What you might not know is that the city of Buffalo is on the rise. Businesses are moving back, building cranes are visible downtown, our extraordinary architecture is being dusted off … Continue reading Buffalo String Works