“Always wanted to be in Show Biz”: Choirs for Seniors

by Amy Nathan “When my mother died, the music stopped in my house,” said Isabel Heredia. Her mother wasn’t a professional singer. “But she had a fantastic voice. She sang at parties.” Isabel enjoyed singing with her mother at their house in San Francisco but didn’t do any formal singing herself as an adult, although … Continue reading “Always wanted to be in Show Biz”: Choirs for Seniors

Coming Together Side by Side: Avocational Musicians Performing with Professionals

Nagging feelings of self-doubt in their musical skills blocked many for a while from doing what they have since come to love—make music in their spare time. Finding supportive ensembles, teachers, and Meetup groups helped many take the plunge. Now, professional orchestras have joined the avocational-musician support team, spurred by the success of the Baltimore Symphony’s programs for non-pros that began in 2010.

You’re Never Too Old, Busy or Rusty to Make Music

A lack of confidence in their musical abilities may hold back some would-be music-makers, caused by feelings left over from less-than-positive childhood musical experiences. Luckily, it is possible to reboot as an adult by trying a different instrument or type of music, finding beginner-friendly ensembles, joining music support groups, forging more collegial teacher-student relationships and realizing that recitals are optional for adults.